ADARA SCOTT - Currently in Inuvik, NWT

'What is life but a series of inspired follies?' - G.B. Shaw

Murals are one of my favourite ways to express my art and idea, they seem to reach an inspire a larger range of people in society, and hopefully inspire them too.

Knockrobin Carehome, Wicklow, Ireland (below)

This mural is around 90m/sq and took a solid week of painting with the lovely @dearillustrator.  It was such a rewarding mural, as the residents kept waving at us through the window and sharing the music we were playing outside, such a good experience! Although a bit wet and cold ... with many late finishes!

Inuvik Mural Plan

This was a really fun mural to plan, hopefully it comes to fruition in some way or another in the future. For now, there are two versions I'm stuck between, with a seasonal view of Autumn and toward the end of summer when the snow starts to fall over the Autumn colours. Which do you like best?

Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield

Theatre Deli was such an inspiring company and group of people to be around during this week of painting. Their aim is to empower artists and give them a platform to do their thing! You can find them @theatredelishef or